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Bangladesh 36,799 heroic freedom fighters list preparations to verify




Bangladesh heroic freedom fighters list preparations to verify Newspaper Tiger
Freedom fighters trained in India will be considered as freedom fighters even if they do not get a chance to fight. However, if a person trained in the country is to be considered as a freedom fighter, he must take part in at least one confrontation with the invading forces or their allies.
The decision was taken at a meeting at the Ministry of Liberation War on verification and selection of heroic freedom fighters. In addition, a cell has been formed to monitor the verification activities on January 30. Eight officials of the Ministry of Liberation War and the National Freedom Fighters Council (Jamuka) have been given the responsibility of supervising eight divisions. Besides, more than 5,500 verification and selection committees have been set up across the country.
The list of 39,981 people whose names have been included in the ‘Civil Gazette’ as heroic freedom fighters was published on the website of the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs without the recommendation of Jamuka. Now this number stands at 36,899 in the verification and selection at the upazila level. In the areas where municipal elections will be held, verification and selection activities will be held on February 8 instead of January 30. If the verification and selection process is not completed in one day, the committee will be able to announce the next date by making a public announcement.
Liberation War Affairs Minister AQM Mozammel Haque told Prothom Alo that the way to make a complete list of freedom fighters in the country would be paved through verification and selection on January 30. According to the Jamuka law, the gazette of freedom fighters cannot be published without the recommendation of Jamuka. So this time the verification-selection.
A letter sent to the deputy commissioners from the Ministry of Liberation War said that from 2002 to 2009, a large number of gazettes were published in violation of the Jamuka Act, in support of which there is no other evidence (red liberator, 33 types of evidence including Indian list). Among them, those who have only gazettes without the recommendation of Jamuka published before 2010, but no other proof, will take part in the screening activities to be held on January 30 and February 8. If there is a complaint against any of the listed freedom fighters, a complaint can be lodged with Jamuka.
Earlier, a letter was sent from Jamuka to all the divisional commissioners and deputy commissioners from the Ministry of Liberation War. The letter said that the civilian gazette published in accordance with the Jamuka Act was published without Jamuka’s recommendation, it must be confirmed. Although the Jamuka Act was enacted in 2002, Jamuka was not established before 2010. The gazette of the heroic freedom fighters published at that time should be considered without the recommendation of Jamuka.
At the 71st meeting of Jamuka, it was decided to check and select the names of the heroic freedom fighters who were published in the civilian gazette without the approval of Jamuka. At first, Jamuka wanted to complete the verification work by December 31. Later on January 9, the date of verification and selection was finalized. He also moved away from that decision and on January 30, the decision was made to check and select.
A heroic freedom fighter gets an allowance of 12 thousand taka per month. A total of 1 lakh 61 thousand taka per year including Eid bonus. According to the Ministry of Liberation War, allowances were sent to 1 lakh 92 thousand heroic freedom fighters on the basis of the list of the district administration for years. But after including the names of the heroic freedom fighters in the MIS software, the number has come down to 21,000. Allowances have been sent to 1 lakh 81 thousand people in October and November.


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